Reoccurring Tasks



I am new to Airtable so I apologize ahead of time but I am investigating features and thought I would reach out to the community for tips.

My company currently uses basecamp and its very limited in its ability.

Basically what I need to be able to create is task lists for resources.

  • set deadlines
  • set resources
  • some task are reoccurring in nature ie. annual reports for customers
  • send reminders when tasks are overdue to the resource they are assigned too and managers
  • reporting would be great
  • add notes to tasks
  • add in add hoc tasks or projects

thats my starting point

thank you


Check out the example bases given by Airtable…
Also you might want to check out

This should help you get started…


thanks, I have done that.

What I am curious about is can I create a re-occurring task?

For example:
Task with due date today and reoccurs every month or year.
When the task is marked as complete I dont have to create another task for next month or year as its already there.



So you want records(i.e tasks) to be automatically inserted/updated in your base?


As @Andrew_Johnson1 hints, automatically generating records takes you out of pure Airtable functionality, although it can be done with assistance from a middleware service (Zapier, IFTTT, etc.) or a manual action.

Alternatively, you could create a formula field that combined a set month and day with the current year to create a rolling due date. The ‘completed’ tick-off becomes a little more complicated, though, as you would either have to timestamp the date and time the task was completed (which currently requires the creation of a linked record to hold a persistent timestamp) or manually clear the completed tick at some point prior to the task becoming due again.


yes, that is correct.


As suggested by @W_Vann_Hall

You will want to use a service like Zapier to achieve this functionality.
If in case you have some technical programming background you could also use the Airtable API to create/update records in your base automatically.