Reordering entries not updated in other views


When reordering an entry(row) my other views will not update and show the change. Any way I can easily update my new order also in the other views? I am using Airtable to set up a Church Service where each entry is a certain activity taking place; the order of which is essential.


Perhaps a “sort order” field that you maintain manually and include in your sorting rule? Then you could include it in the other tables as a lookup and sort with it there too.


You´re right, thank you. I made a sort order field with autonumber, and then to reflect changes I changed the field property to numbers and back to autonumber again. But I´d like the update to be automatically; that I could include a formula in the field that references the entry immediately before - like in a spreadsheet, and have the sort order field always reflect the order of the columns. A Better Auto Number


Unfortunately the sort and filtering options aren’t automatic, because one of the key functions of Airtable is the different views that can be created which sets a static display of data in a specific format. If it were constantly updating based on other view changes, it would eliminate the functionality it was designed for.

I agree in making a specific column for this (and hiding it if you so choose), then just making it so every time you look at that view you simply need two clicks to do a refresh - click on the Filter options, then reapply. I hope that helps!