Repeatable Fields

It would be great to allow specified groups of fields to be repeated by the user. i.e. duplicate fields in form view.


Could you be a little more specific about what you mean by repeating specified groups of fields? For what purpose you would use this feature?

Sure, so FormStack for example call this a Add-Item Form. This article
explains exactly what I’m after:

Let me know if this makes sense.


I think I’m wondering the same thing. I’m looking for repeating fields within a record. In other words, I have customers that repeat more than one product, and at the moment I’m creating a new record for each product. Hoe do I create one record for a sale date for each purchase that has multiple products on it and can have a sum total. In filemaker, this was a repeating field.

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Hi Mark :wave: I recommend checking out our Product Catalog and Orders template and this support article, which provides some guidance on creating this type of setup. Hope this helps a bit!

@Ashley_Hart Did you ever find a good solution for this?

Nope, sorry I haven’t.

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Any update on this since 2017?

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@Katherine_Duh any update on this? definitely a much needed feature. thanks!

Repeatable fields would be so helpful! Any chance this could get developed in AT?

This would be an amazing feature. You could have the repeatable section be a different table so that you can basically create a record with multiple linked records created by the repeatable section. This would be a game changer for our organization. I assume right now the only way to do this is to create your own form by hand and use the Airtable API to create all the records.

Another vote for repeatable fields. Personally I’d use it in my custom recipe database for the ingredients field, but I don’t think it’s really necessary for Airtable to explore use cases – repeatable fields are a common option in other database builders for a reason!

Looking for repeatable fields.

Came here to bump this. Repeatable fields are a standard in most form solutions now and it would be great to have one with airtable. For instance, a repeating item to add the names of all your children.

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Bumping this. I need to use two other separate services just because of the lack of this repeatable fields functionality. that’s cognitoforms and integromat. Just because there is no repeatable field for forms. Hope this gets developed soon.


Any updates on this… I agree it’s a serious need.