Repeatable Fields


It would be great to allow specified groups of fields to be repeated by the user. i.e. duplicate fields in form view.


Could you be a little more specific about what you mean by repeating specified groups of fields? For what purpose you would use this feature?


Sure, so FormStack for example call this a Add-Item Form. This article
explains exactly what I’m after:

Let me know if this makes sense.



I think I’m wondering the same thing. I’m looking for repeating fields within a record. In other words, I have customers that repeat more than one product, and at the moment I’m creating a new record for each product. Hoe do I create one record for a sale date for each purchase that has multiple products on it and can have a sum total. In filemaker, this was a repeating field.


Hi Mark :wave: I recommend checking out our Product Catalog and Orders template and this support article, which provides some guidance on creating this type of setup. Hope this helps a bit!


@Ashley_Hart Did you ever find a good solution for this?


Nope, sorry I haven’t.