Repeated questions on a form?

Hi there! Thanks for your help in advance!
I’m creating a form for my customers, so they can request my service on a specific date–up to 6 products to be processed on that date. Each product has the same questions they need to answer.

So, I have 2 related tables - the Customer and the Customer Request .

Since the questions are the same for all the products (for the date of that request) am I correct that my Customer Request table wouldn’t need to ask those same questions 6 times?

In other words, it doesn’t make sense to me to add the same fields on the Customer Request table (asking the same question 6 times for up to 6 products)?

Is there some way on the form (e.g., a “Add another Product” button) to take them through the (same) questions again?


  • Andrea

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a ‘add another product’ button. It would make a good product suggestion.

See this similar post for workarounds.

Update: realized there’s a solution involving linked records

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