Repeating events in calendar view


Hi. I’m setting up a timetable of 1, 2 and 3-day conferences and already posted that I need to show the duration of an event as well as the start date. Some of these events are also regular meetings - weekly, monthly, annually; or on a specific day of the week/ day/ month - 1st Tuesday, last Friday, that sort of thing.

I really need a fully configurable repeating option to add as part of a ‘from & to’ date entry!


Same here!

For our instance we have tasks that need repeating on a daily basis for a specified period. We treat stray dogs and need to have a repeating event for administration of medications.



Any update on this? Just setting up my table. This would be useful


+1 here - any update on this?



Would LOVE to see a “repeat” field, or maybe as an option when setting a date. Being able to set weekly/month repeating task that show up on the calendar would be a HUGE bonus.


This would be amazing and I have an addition: for “repeats” to not show up many times in Grid view, but only as an option within a cell.


I would love to see a repeating event option too. I was thinking of doing an editorial calendar for food holidays…this would be so helpful!


+1 would be a great add


+1 This would be a great feature to emulate the recurrences options you see in outlook/gmail


We stopped waiting for this to happen.
We created a table and added 3 additional fields to track recurrence:

Occur Weekly (Options Monday - Sunday)
Occur Monthly (Day of the Month - Example the 1st)
Occur Annually. (Day of the Year - Example 12/1 Send Christmas Cards.)

We used the airtable api and a php script to figure out what was due that day and send emails. We run it once daily at 4am using a free cron tool.

You will most likely need a programmer, and if you do, I am happy to share our code with them.