Reporting on 'Multiple Select' field


I am using Airtable to organize a conference. We have several different classes available. Most participants choose multiple options, so we have those in a Multiple Select field.

I am trying to build a report somehow that is a roster of all the people signed up for a particular class, grouped by class but with name and contact info of each participant.
Grouping doesn’t seem to work. PivotTable is promising but seems to yield a count instead of a list of all participants taking a certain class.
Any ideas?

Thanks so much!



I’d suggest changing the field that holds your class from a Multiple Select into a Link to another record field. This will require a new table, “Classes”, that has a record for each class you are offering.

Your registrants can still see a list of all the classes available in a very similar manner to the multiple select list they had before - they can still choose multiple options. The difference is, from your “Classes” table, you will be able to build a roster of all the names that are registered for each class, since each class is a separate record.

Try it out and ping back if you need further help.