Request: Allow Interface Designer to pick Data from Multiple Bases

I separate data into multiple bases for ease of use, and team-split.
However, I see Interfaces as a way to show data to the client (which could come from multiple bases).
I don’t like having to share multiple Interfaces.
Also, could Interfaces become a little bit as a customer login feature (as softr io allows)?


+1 to this request - we’re trying to build an Interface that pulls from 3 different bases for one singular audience, and having multiple Interfaces sort of defeats the point.


Thanks for this suggestion. Will send it along!!


This would be so helpful! We often have several bases for one client, where the client only needs access to one interface for each base. Right now, that means the client needs several interfaces.

Another vote for this! We use different bases for each customer that we work with, but we’d like to have a single internal interface that shows all of our work for the day.

Another vote for this idea from me, I split bases but interface would be a great way to analyse productivity metrics from data which is currently split across multiple bases.

+1 on this feature as well!