Request: Delete record action

I’m surprised this isn’t an option. Is it for fool-proof reasons?

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My clients really need a delete action as well.

My guess is that, like you said, it is likely for fool-proof reasons. Airtable probably feels like it is too destructive to include, but I really feel like this is a necessary action to add.

Currently, we’d have to either script this through JavaScript, or for a no-code solution, Integromat supports record deletions. (Or if someone is stuck using the vastly inferior Zapier, On2Air: Actions adds delete functionality to Zapier.)

FYI, when I delete records with an automation Scripting action, it does not show up in my trash history. I’ve submitted this info to the feedback form on automations.

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Oh wow, that’s really good to know. Thanks for reporting that issue!

I can confirm that deleting a record via the API or via Integromat does put the record into the trash, so it can be restored later.