Request For Ability To Filter/Organize Automations

The ability to sort/filter OR group automations would be EXTREMELY helpful. I can easily see us having hundreds of automations and I also don’t want to even track down that path unless I know I can organize them after the fact. I’d almost rather just create super complex formula’s and additional columns to provide the solution I need, even though I know this is the right way to do it.

Example mock-ups below!

Thanks for all that you guys do. Incredibly grateful for such a beautiful product.


+1 for this feature!

A very necessary feature as we continue to build out more and more automations.

I need this too!!!

Same! Having this functionality would be a life saver

Chiming in here with my upvote. Yep, just like views and then Airtable blocks, lots of automations are quickly filling up into our base architectures. So this would be really appreciated. Already created 10+ automations running in the last month in one base, and the number will increase soon, so this will be a great quality-of-life feature.

Yes to ability to organize automations! Thanks in advance!