Request : Kanban in interface designer

Be able to put a kanban in interface designer would be great for collaboration.


Kanban element for Interfaces!

Hugely relevant for showing key details in pipeline format to Managers. Would like users in the Interface to be able to move cards/records along the kanban, click on the card to open and can edit the fields shown.

Going one step further it would be super useful to customise the card specifically for Interfaces, that differs from any Kanbans views in the ‘back-end’ of the Base, i.e. it can be simplified for Interfaces.

Would be incredible to have control over which fields (show/hide) are shown within the open record when viewing in Interface kanban - to really limit it to ‘you only need to see this…’.

Reason we want this on Interfaces as opposed to using a ‘back-end’ Base Kanban, is the element would be part of an existing Interface that has other elements already. And we are trying to get Managers to only use Interfaces.


Yes, this is definitely needed!