Request to open-source the Batch Update App, or the component it uses for select fields

As far as I can tell, the Batch Update app uses the React Select library to handle input components for single-select and multi-select fields (both “regular” and “collaborator” types).

Can the source code for the Batch Update app be made public so other developers can replicate the appearance already used in a “standard” Airtable app? As it stands, the Select component provided in the Airtable SDK isn’t quite sufficient for multiselect fields.

@somehats do you happen to know if this would be possible?

Hey, Kamille!

Unfortunately, Batch Update uses an old internal version of the SDK that isn’t compatible with the current one. In particular, the styling API used to create components like those selects won’t work at all in modern apps.

We are considering adding cell editors to the SDK in the future though, which would let you use the native Airtable collaborator/select choice pickers in your app. I don’t have a timeline to share on that at the moment, but do you think it might solve your problem?

Sorry I can’t offer a more helpful response right now!

Yes, cell editors would solve the issue and would actually be preferred! It would be great not to rely on 3rd party packages.

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