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I am relatively new to Airtable and was curious if anyone knows of a way to quickly send someone one or more selected records to ask for an update. We have customers with jobs that are in the “On Hold” or “Needs Action” statuses. I want to be able to quickly send an update request to the Team Leader who is running the job (more as a follow up on him / her) and not have to spend a lot of time formatting or copying info. Sort of Iike a task manager / reminder. Speaking of which… how does one do dated deadlines for tasks in Airtable?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hi @Wayne_Merlino,

when you send the record to the Team Member, do you want him/her to update the record itself or just update you via email?

In any case, you can click on the box beside the record(s), right click, chose Send Record, and it create a Popup with the info in the record to be sent via email. You can customize the email as you wish. In the sent email, there will be a View In Airtable link in the bottom of the email. If he/she has access to this base, they will be able to see it on the base (and depending on their level of access, change it).

As for the Deadlines question, there is so many ways to do so, depending on what you are looking for. If it is a simple reminder in the Base, you can set a Field to Date, put in the Deadline Date, then make a new View where this Deadline date is Filtered to a week or two from today.

Does that help?


Thanks for the feedback! Helps on both issues!

Welcome @Wayne_Merlino :slight_smile: Glad to help.

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