Researching Used Cars πŸš—

I’ve gotten Car fever and want to start doing research on used cars that fit my price range. I tried some of the consumer sites, but was really left wishing I had a place to look at all my research at once and compare things like average price and milage for a specific Make, Model, and Year.

So I hooked Airtable up to the MarketCheck API via the scripting block and made a base that pulls in all available car listings within 50 miles of me within my specified Price and Mileage range. Then, made use of Page Designer and URL preview block. It’s pretty dank if I do say so myself. :star::star::star::star:

Overview of How it Works Here
Copy of the Base Here

Have fun y’allπŸ˜ƒ.


That was a fantastic video!! Thanks for sharing this with us!! :slight_smile:

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