Reset Created_Time() when Copying Records to New Table or Base


I have several budgets, each of which is it’s own base right now. A couple of them have multiple months as separate tables in the base, but the majority are a base a month. In both forms, if I copy records to a new month (whether the month is a new base or new table), the Created_Time() of the record is always the original. Is there a way to reset the Created_Time, so make each duplicated record look like a new record?


Larry, can you please provide a bit more detail on how you’re copying the records?

If you’re copy-pasting values to existing records, then each record will retain its original “created time” (by design, since created time never changes). However if you try pasting to the bottom of the table, then new records will be created via the paste, each with a “new” created time.


I just tested this again. I’m not entirely sure why I thought it wasn’t applying a new created time via copy-pasting. It is doing that correctly.
That being said the real issue is duplicating records to a new base. The easiest way to do that is copying the base with duplicate records selected. However, that does not treat the records in the new base as “new”.