Resource availability management via Airtable


Need some help with the issue described below.

We want to use Airtable for managing several development teams.
We are the outsourcing company and as a manager I want to see when each team member will be off from the project to better understand our capacity for new projects.
For example, we have a developer John. John is assigned to two projects. One project starts on 1st March and ends on 30th March, second one starts on 15th March and ends on 15th April.
I want to see both projects and John involvement on the timeline.

I’ve tried to get project dates from Table “Projects” to the table “Employees”, but was able to retrieve only MAX Start and End Dates via the lookup.

Otherwise I won’t be able to use this dates in Timeline block.

How can I achieve my goal using Airtable? Thanks a lot for advance