Respond to previously send email automation

Hello everybody :slight_smile:
I would like to create an gmail automation with a reminder mail in response to a previously send email.

My example :

Trigger = a checkbox “send invoice” is valid
Action 1 = send email with invoice
Action 2 = send reminder email in response to the first mail (if i check some checkbox like “reminder mail”)

Could this be possible in airtable?

Thanks !

If you’re asking about making the second reminder email a literal reply to the first one (i.e. in the same thread), that’s not possible using Airtable. The best that you can do is add a "Re: " prefix to the subject line, but that just changes the subject, and there’s no guarantee that the recipient’s email client will treat it as a reply to the first message. I’m no email protocol wizard, but my understanding is that there’s other data in the email header that indicates when a given email is actually a reply to a previous email, and that header info isn’t accessible via Airtable.


Okay thanks for your reply anyway : )

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Hi @Panpi_Daguerre ,
I had a similar requirement and I was able to solve it by using Nodezap .
You can easily connect your airtable base with Nodezap and define your custom logic like data manipulation, send notifications etc.

Thanks and cheers.

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