Restore data from backup

Hello. I am building a simple AWS Lambda service to backup all my airtable data. The strategy i am using is:
I call the API and save all the raw data in a json file. This process is working fine.
But when I try to restore, I am unable to restore the linked fields successfully, because the original RECORD_IDs no longer exists. Example:

Table A:
id: “rec11111” ==> Generated automatically in the original table

When i restore Table A into a new table (simulating that someone completely deleted the original table), i use the create() method from the API. This id is no longer valid, because airtable automatically assign a new random ID for this record. And because of that, all my linked fields are broken.

Did someone also faced this problem? How did you manage to solve or build a workaround? I’ve been thinking of some strategies but they all feel a bit complex and unnecessary, it would be more simple to set the original Id at the moment I call the create() method. But that seems impossible from what I’ve beem researching so far.


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