"Restore to a snapshot" grammar check

It would be amazing if we could actually restore the snapshot to the production base

It’s somewhat frustrating that the snapshot confirmation message is written in a way that suggests this capability.

Obviously this is no easy feat and there are landmines everywhere in development of such a product feature, but it really would be an awesome administrative feature.

As a use case example, I make a snapshot of the database prior to making global modifications within a table using the CSV Import app. I do this because there is no “undo” feature once the CSV Import app’s “Save Records” button is pressed. CSV importing is a little precarious because 1) it is a GUI and whoops, my cat just ran over the keyboard, and 2) while the preview has decent overview of the merge, it does not always display all the modification details, so I am always a little nervous when using it.

If I had the “freedumb” to make a mistake that I could “undo” by restoring the snapshot’s data to the production database database, well… all sorts of ridiculous might ensue… maybe this is a terrible idea :sweat_smile:

Official product suggestion: remove the “to” so the confirmation message reads, “You can restore this snapshot at a later date.” :slight_smile: