Restore View Configuration

Is there a way to see the history of view configurations? I have a view which had multiple settings and someone in my team must have re-configured it with realizing it was an important view. It was set up 3 years ago and I cannot recall all the settings I had in place.

I need to revert it to previous settings, but do not believe this is possible in Airtable.

Is the base in a Pro workspace? Do you think the view was changed recently?

You could look at the snapshot history and see if there is a snapshot from before the view was changed. Restore the snapshot, which will create a new base. Examine the view configuration in the restored snapshot, recreate it in your current base, then delete the restored snapshot. Finally, lock the view to avoid future accidental changes.

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Thank you! I’m amazed I did not know this feature existed (well, maybe I did, but I have never used it).

Good to know! I was able to restore to a previous version and identify the configuration settings previously used.

You’re the best.

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