Restrict access to full size images when embedding a gallery view


I would like to embed a gallery view of images on my website but only want the viewer to see/have access to the thumbnails on the cards and not the original images. Presently, the viewer can click on the card and then click on the image (which is listed under “1 hidden field”). Is there a way to to remove the hidden field or modify the iframe to keep the viewer from clicking on/opening up the records all together? I would like to keep card filtering/sorting activated.

Any help is much appreciated,


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I tend to use only low-resolution preview images in Airtable for this reason.

Thanks, I realize this is an option. I would prefer to limit public access to the thumbnail resolution of the gallery card (about 300x200 pixels). This resolution is quite low to work with in personal/collaborator views.


Hi @FrankB,

I would recommend using two attachment fields, and two different gallery views, to handle this:

  • One to store and display the low resolution images for your embedded gallery
  • The other to store the full resolution images for internal use

If you configure the public gallery view to use the low resolution image as the card cover, and hide the full resolution image field, public viewers won’t have access to the high resolution images.

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Hi Jason,

That would certainly work. It just becomes tedious when working with lots of images.



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