Restrict embedding to a specific domain only

Hi there,

it would be great to be able to restrict the embedded view to a specific domain only. For the moment anybody who views the source code of your webpage can simply copy your link and embed your Airtable on his own website :frowning:

By that feature I do not mean the new “email domain restriction” or “password restriction”. I simply want to show my website visitors my tables without them to have to register an account at Airtable or to enter a password.

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Hi, I do have the same issue as Marc.
Is there a solution know by you?

Hi there,

A little bump to participate to the conversation, any update? I need it too, and it does seem like a useful feature to share private data hosted on a website accessible to members-only.


Hello - We are looking for this too!! Is this on the roadmap?

Also looking for this! Or any workarounds.

Hi, is it planned to add this feature? Can’t use this service without domain url restriction

Airtable doesn’t spend much time here… you’ll want to email to request this feature.

You may also want to send this feature request to… you are more likely to get them to implement this in their embedded views than Airtable.