Restrict permission of some collaborators to view some columns (money)


Hello there,

Most of my question is in the title.
Is there some way to restrict permission of some collaborators to view some columns ?

I mean, for a project which our team handles in airtable, we have big lists of stuff and people with a price tag in a column for accounting.

We want to share those tables with the whole team for organizational purposes, but want to keep the accounting related columns only viewable to some people only. Is there a way to do that ?

We first thought about handling this in 2 different bases, but since the lists will be updated very often, we would rather find an integrated way to do it, otherwise we may run into discrepancies between the 2 bases.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !


Just a note that I would also love this feature. Field-level access permissions would be great. As Rolando suggests, I’ve just been using two bases, but keeping the second base updated is a frustrating process.