Retain formatting from Slack when copy-paste into Airtable form

I’d really love the ability to copy and paste text and emojis (externally) into an Airtable form. I currently copy and paste a lot of Slack messaging into Airtable forms and the formatting doesn’t carry through. By what I’ve researched, it appears Slack uses Markdown so that’s why it may not translate??

Wondering if there’s a workaround or if that can also be incorporated into Airtable’s functionality (receive HTML or Markup info and retain formatting)

Airtable forms already allow emojis, and they also allow copying and pasting of emojis.

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As Scott mentioned, you can copy and paste text and emoji into forms.

Is there something else you were referring to when you said externally?


Thank you for your quick response, Scott! I updated the topic to be more specific.

Thank you for your quick response, Hannah! I’ve updated the topic to be more specific

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Oh, I see what you’re saying! If you copy emojis from Slack and then you paste into Airtable, you get Slack’s name for that emoji surrounded by colons.

I don’t know how to figure that one out (without creating the world’s longest SUBSTITUTE formula! Lol.) You would need to somehow convert the Slack emoji names to an actual emoji.

Someone smarter than me would need to figure that one out, but I did find the entire list of all the Slack emoji names here:

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Haha!! Even when I copy and paste the codes straight from that Emoji Cheat Sheet you shared it only displays the emoji code in the Airtable form. If I manually find the emoji in my keyboard it will stick, but when copy and pasting from other sources, they often only paste the emoji code name instead of the actual emoji.