Retrieving and Updating Data via Wordpress Site


Long time reader, first time commenter. Each year, my org has members re-enroll in our program. Ideally, they would be enter their name/ID and view all the relevant information within their record. My hope is to have this information populate a form, where they could then make updates where necessary.

Does anyone have suggestions about how to do this within a Wordpress site? I have some basic facility with javascript, but that’s the extent of it. I imagine that the solution will involve the Airtable API, but I’m not sure where to begin.



It sounds like you want a user portal. There are several third party services that provide this functionality, if you have budget for a monthly fee.

If you do not have budget for a monthly fee, there are other options. I use a system that involves a membership plugin and the AirPress plugin. Users log into my site via the membership plugin, then the AirPress plugin retrieves the member specific data. That member data could include a link to a prefilled form that users could use to submit updated data. The form will create a new record, so you then use an automation to copy the new values to the original record. You don’t have to write any code at all.

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Hi Kuovonne,

That sounds excellent! Which membership plugin do you use?

I don’t remember the membership plugin off the top of my head, as I set it up for the client a while ago. It was one of the free ones. Any decent membership plugin with shortcodes for customizing content based on the member should work.

By the way, although the method is no-code (unless you consider shortcodes to be code), it does need configuring to setup.

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