Retrieving and updating record's activity/comments using the API?

Hi all

Is there a way to retrieve or update a record’s activity/comments using the API? I’d be keen to hear about any attempts at doing this.


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@HCI_Design, I don’t believe the API supports any access to collaborative activity. It should, of couse.

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Hmm, feared that would be the answer. Thank you though.

Yes, that would be remedied by an update which I have a hunch is forthcoming, but I can’t speak for Airtable. It’s certainly a logical next step for the API.

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This would be so valuable for us! Not being able to access a record’s activity / comments via the API (nor the new sync feature) keeps us tied to very cumbersome and manual tasks we’ve had to write to trim and archive records from our frequently used base (for performance reasons).

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