Retrieving google calendar data when a script is run

hi guys! i’m trying to write a script that will check my google calendar for time availability without having to sinchronize my whole calendar.

basically when the script input is the date and duration of a project, it fetches the data relative to the presence/duration for an available time slot (using “at work” events in my calendar) on the given date and then assigns a “first available date” to the project based on the presence and duration of said “at work” events

any of you know if there is an easy way of implementing the ability for the script block to interface with google api or ical and retrieve the data (presence of an available “at work” event and its duration)

ideally this would give me the freedom to move around time slots and the script only checks whenever it is run.

the real problem has been making it possible for airtable to go and fetch the data from the calendar.

thanks in advance


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