Retrieving linked records with Integromat

I am trying to retrieve linked records from multiple tables with integromat. My database is set up for a vet like this:
Table 1: owner
Table 2: pet
Table 3: treatment

1 owner can have multiple pets and one pet can have multiple treatments.

With integromat I look for a criteria in the “treatment” table to retrieve certain records but this only returns data from the “treatment” table and I don’t know which pet or owner it is related to.

I tried feeding doing something like this in my formula: “pet’s name = pet’s name” where Integromat should return records where the pet’s name equals the other pet’s name field from the “treatment” table where they are linked. Unfortunately I get errors, Airtable can’t seem to use any criteria I throw at it to somehow return the linked records.

How should I go about retrieving the data linked to the record in other tables?

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Hi Zsolt – I’m less familiar with Integromat than Zapier, but could you simply add lookup fields to the treatment table to pull in any relevant information from other tables?

Or, is this thread on finding linked records in Zapier helpful (Zapier: Find Linked Records)?

Any additional details on your setup/integration would be helpful.

Thanks and I hope we can help!

Hi @Zsolt_Marcsev

You could also post a copy of this on Integromat’s Facebook page, they might be able to help.

Mary Kay

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