Retrive record and display info on Website

hi, im new to this forum so maybe my questions is a newby…

each time a user logs in my website i want to display some info regarding his/her record on a page on the website. i know i have to use API but what are the steps to do this?

If you already know who the user is, and they’re logged in, I would recommend just performing a lookup based on this value which should return a JSON with all of the details you need to display

Tnx. Can u please explain in more detail… How to do this. I use an html code which i embed on my website. Can i do it like this?

Hey Andreas - There are quite a few dependencies here - It’s something you will need to work with a developer on, but in short, you can use Javascript to generate the HTML using placeholder data from the JSON response.

This is definitely a technical topic though, and would require a little bit of design and architecture beyond this form, unfortunately

You probably won’t be able to do it by simply ‘embedding’ the code, as it’ll need more than just HTML - HTML is simply a markup language used for designing how a page looks.

You can do it using the JavaScript Client, although if it is simply one record, I think it may be easier to simply issue a cURL GET request using PHP (if you know PHP).

If you decide to do this method, I can assist if you so wish?

Hey tnx. Yes i would be imterested to aid me with the curl url for a specific record so i can display on the user website

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Cool. Are you happy for me to explain it to you here, or would you rather in a PM?

i just pm you.thanks

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