Return status depending on deadline

Hello, I am trying to setup a data base for vechicle management, to facilitate followup on different issues depending on a deadline. What I need is it to return a value as it follows:
Deadline overdue = Overdue
Deadline between 0-10 days = Urgent
Deadline between 10-15 days= Soon
I created a column for calculating the no. of days to the deadline and used the following formula but it works only for the first two criteria:


Thankyou in advance!

Welcome to the community, @Radu_Pop!

You will want to remove the equal sign from most of your arguments. Otherwise, you’re overlapping your arguments. For example, the number 10 falls under both “urgent” and “soon”, but it would never get evaluated as “soon” because it already got evaluated as “urgent”. You also have a similar problem with the number 0.

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