Revised shortcut movement keys

I would love to be able to better navigate around my airtables. Simply adding these shortcuts would help greatly, the same as Excel does: Ctl-right, left, up and down would ideally move the cursor to the next record in the respective direction.

At the moment these commands just move you to the edges of the table instead of the next record.

If people disagree, I’d love to hear from you and how you navigate between records?


You can move around the cells by using the arrow keys.

There are also some other limited keyboard shortcuts available — you can click on “Help” in the upper right corner & then choose “Keyboard Shortcuts” to see what they are.

Hi, thanks for replying, however the issue is not around moving between individual cells, it’s about moving from record to record. I believe that ideally ctl-right should move from one record to the next, like this:

…same goes with up, down and left. This is how Excel/Sheets does it and I believe it would be beneficial for Airtable to act in the same way. When dealing with a table with thousands of records or dozens of fields, this would be extremely useful.

That’s still moving between fields, not records. Records are rows, fields are columns. It sounds like a more accurate description of what you want to do is to use CTRL+Right to move to the next filled field in the current record. Is that correct?

Ah yes! Sorry I still get confused by the different terminology. That’s correct.