Revision history - Toggle record updates


Right now the revision history features both the record specific chat and updates.

Request a feature to toggle on/off the updates to only see the discussions from collaborators.

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The feature is already there - you can turn off the display of revision history for the whole base.


I did’t know that! It’s here BTW:


Thanks for clearing that up!


I don’t like that you have to disable revision history just to separate the two. Airtable should have distinct feeds for history and comments.


I’d like to bring this back to the top.

While I appreciate now knowing how to turn off record history by default across all records, I would prefer to be able to toggle on record history views on a record-by-record basis. This would be as simple to implement at a similar icon from the main menu existing along side the “watching” and “hide” icons in the expanded record view. Right now, non-admin users can’t toggle changes to history on/off from their global menu, and this would be useful to allow all users to see who made changes, and when.