Revive only Unique answers from users

I’m trying to make a referral form which the user can enter a name and phone number to send a gift to.
where I get stuck is restrict answers to be only new phone numbers (if the user try insert number that already submitted he’ll get a message that indicate that)

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Doing this directly in Airtable (with the message part specifically) is not possible. You can do this using Zapier though using the Airtable native form or using a 3rd party form (in case you do not want duplicates in Airtable). Even if you use the Airtable form and you do not want duplicates, you can do so using a staging table where all form submissions are sent to then are copied via zapier to a new table.

So, what I have in mind is, once a new form is submitted, a zap is triggered that searches for the phone number in the existing records, you will have 2 paths

Path 1: Number is found in the table. An email (or a text message) is sent notifying the submitter that they have already registered before and no action is done in Airtable (or you can add a Duplicate Entry tag if you want).

Path 2: Number not found. The new entry goes from the staging table to the final table. In case you are using a 3rd party form, you will then create a new record in Airtable with the data you need.

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