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I, and many others that I’ve talked to, would like the ability to add a Rich Text field to tables. Much like this box that I’m typing into right now or like the Description block, having the ability it would be nice to be able to have a field type that allows rich text editing at a record level.

There are numerous use cases and a field like this could even replace my need for a knowledge base tool or wiki (e.g, Confluence), or attaching files like PDFs or Word docs. Another obvious use case would be for detailed notes (e.g., usability test/interview session notes, meeting notes, troubleshooting documentation).

Also, one of your competitors ( is offering something similar and I think y’all could do a much better job (e.g., your Description block functionality as a Rich Text field type).

Notion example:

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Many databases I used in the past had word processors integrated so that you could format templates and map data from the fields in a record and send to print or email. This was very beneficial for communication in business. Is there any way to create templates and documents? Does AirTable have anything on the near horizon to address creating documents, email outputs, and other types of reports.