Rich Text Formatting Doesn't Appear In Linked Records Gallery View

I’ve embedded a Gallery view on to my website. I’d love the option of linking to a working table once the content is approved to be displayed live on the site. The problem I’m having is that upon linking from one table to another, the rich text formatting is lost, and therefore no longer how I want the gallery look to appear on the website.

Please help!

Welcome to the community, @Lyndsey_Manyluk! :smiley: As you’ve noticed, rich text formatting doesn’t carry between tables. Instead of linking to a different table to display on your site, I suggest creating a new view on the same table, and embedding that view. You could design the view filter to only show approved records, which would allow you to keep editing things that are in-progress until they’re ready.

If you’re not familiar with using multiple views on a single table, I suggest reading this support article:

Thanks Justin! I am definitely familiar with the different views. Unfortunately when using Gallery view, I still need some hidden views to appear when expanding the card and therefore there is not the option to completely hide some fields from the public view, over others. Unless you know of another way?!

I take it you meant “hidden fields,” not “hidden views”?

If I read you correctly, you want certain fields to show in the card, a few more to appear in the expanded card, and some to remain hidden completely. Is that correct?

The way that Gallery views work, the fields you choose in the “Customize cards” dialog will appear at all times, whether in the overall gallery view or in a single expanded card. There’s no way to specify some to remain temporarily hidden in the main gallery layout, only displaying when a card is expanded.

However, you might consider the optional card layout for an embedded grid view. Turn on the “Use card layout on desktop” option in the embedding options that appear when you choose to embed a grid view. This card-like view will display as many fields as it can (not user-controlled, I’m afraid) in the card, and the full collection of non-hidden fields when expanded. Any fields that you hide in the grid view driving that embedded version will stay hidden when embedded.

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