RIGHT(String,HowMany) > Error when calling a function field as the string

Hi ! I have a calculated field that returns for me a value that looks like 2021 | Q3 or 2022 | Q1, determining the year and the quarter from a payment date.

Now, in a linked table where this field (“Quarter”) is a lookup, I’m calling the RIGHT() function as follows :
RIGHT(Quarter,2) in order to have as a result Q3 or Q1 as in the examples above.

However, I get an ERROR!

I believe it has to do with the fact that my “String” is a lookup but even if I create a field in the table, a function, that is basically “Quarter” (i.e. take the value that’s in the lookup) and call RIGHT() on that new field, I get an ERROR! too.

I am deducting that RIGHT() cannot be called on a cell that’s a function ? True ? Any workaround ?

Thank you !

The issue is that the field is a lookup. Lookup fields are the most problematic fields in Airtable.

The quick fix is to convert the lookup value into a string in the formula.

RIGHT(Quarter & "",2)

Absolutely fabulous ! Short & sweet. Thanks a ton ! :heart_eyes:

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