Right-to-Left tables


It would be great to have a way to switch tables to display from right-to-left for Arabic for example.


I second this request. Also exported arabic text changes encoding. That is really an issue for me too.

Just like it is stated in this post:


RTL is important for several languages: Arabic, Parsian and Hebrew to name a few. For the meanwhile it can be achieved by a CSS manipulator plugin like Stylish for Chrome or Userstyles for Firefox but this is really a temporary hack. I second the request to solve this issue.


I’d love to see right-to-left support for text fields. We have a base featuring many languages so having an entire base be right-to-left wouldn’t work for us, but we do need it for individual fields. Right now we have to work with Hebrew and Arabic outside of Airtable, which isn’t ideal!


Please update us if there are any plans to add this feature in the future