Roll up "next action" to a project table


I have a checkbox field in a table of tasks that designates if the task is the “next action” for a project. Each task is related to a project in a project table. Is there anyway for me to roll up the Name of the Task(s) marked as Next Action for a particular project? All I can seem to do is roll up the value of the checkbox and not the Name of the actual task.


You could make a separate formula that looks for the ‘check’ in the ‘next action’ column, then outputs the task name.

For example the new field/column formula could look like this:

IF({next action}=1,{Name of Task},blank())

A checked box = 1, unchecked = 0, so if the box is checked it will populate the Name of Task - otherwise it is blank.

Then you could lookup/rollup the task name. I’m not sure how the rest of your base is laid out so this is just a first impression suggestion.


Oh, very nice. I’m going to try that right now!


Worked like a charm. I used this on the Tasks table:

IF({Next Step}=1,Name,BLANK())

and then this in the projects table:


Thanks so much!


No problem :slight_smile:


i have a similar next action setup, i tend to drag tasks up and down as i plan and would like the top or first task under each project to be automatically triggered as the next action for that project.