Roll-up pictures

Does anyone know if it’s possible to roll-up pictures?
I can look up pictures between tables, but roll-up seems to work differntly.

@Kim_Trager, Yes, roll-ups (both concatenate and array) end up with a link to the original rather than the image itself. As you mentioned, lookup works great. How were you looking to utilize the roll-up function?

I’ve build a small system for designing products.

I got a table with products names, and another table for ongoing research.
I’ve set up a form where different external team members can upload research and link the pictures to different products.
I then wanted to automatically be able to roll up all pictures in the products table, so designers easily can have all pictures at hand.

What about creating another sheet (let’s call it Pictures), that is then linked to every product with a lookup (not a rollup) column linked to the picture field. Not sure if this will serve your purpose as you’ll end up with a single cell field with all photos from the product sheet.

Here’s a link to an extensive explanation that @W_Vann_Hall created. He is much better at explaining than me. :smiley:

Is this in line with what you are looking for?

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