Roll up to show skills

Hi. I help run our local repair cafe and I’m setting up an Airtable to manage events and volunteers.

For each event we need to make sure that there is at least one person from each repair type (eg electrical)

I’ve got a list of volunteers with their skills in one table, then I’ve got an event list table with each event and the volunteers attending.

Can anyone tell me the roll up formula that would list the skills from the volunteers in the event list , so I can see a summary of the skills represented?

eg if Jill is attending the field “textiles” appears in the skills covered column.

I’d also like to know if I can set up the reverse, so show the skills not represented.

Thank you in advance.

You can try using a rollup with the ARRAYUNIQUE(values) aggregation formula, and select the field listing the skills as the field that you’d like to roll up. (On my computer the place to select the field in the linked table is hidden, and I have to scroll to see it.)

However, the rollup only considers rows to be unique for people that have the exact same skillset, so you will have duplicate skills in the result if people have overlapping skillsets. Not ideal, but a start.

Showing the skills not represented is trickier. You would probably need a long concatenation of If statements based on each skill. Do you have a specific list of skills that doesn’t change?

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