Rolling in Records associated to others - as entities (not string)

Hey folks,

I have what I have to assume is a silly problem but I’m still stuck. Here’s what I’m trying to do

I have a table with Users (Table: “Users_Table”) and various characteristics
One of the characteristics is “Favorite Foods” (A multiple select).
So Jane, a user, can have the entities “Pot Pie”, “Chocolate Cake” in her Favorite Foods column

Meanwhile, another table is “Table_of_Foods” with their ingredients (Food_Name is the Primary field on that table) and the Ingredients_List column is a multiple select
The Food_Name “Chocolate Cake” has these entities in the Ingredients_List: Chocolate, Butter, Sugar; and the item “Pot Pie” has: Chicken, Butter, Carrots

Now, what I’m trying to do here is have a column over in Users_Table that has Ingredients_Allowed where I am rolling up all the ingredients that I know my users can eat, since they are components of their favorite items: “Pot Pie”, “Chocolate Cake” in the “Favorite Foods” column.

I can rollup Ingredients_List as an ARRAYUNIQUES in my Users_Table, but this pulls in the Ingredients of “Chocolate Cake” + “Pot Pie” as a bunch of strings.
I would like to see entities in there!

What I am trying to do is really factorization … But I have no idea how to do this with Airtable.

Any idea?

Thank you so much!

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