Rolling up similar variants

I have a list where the unique entries are different car SKUs
Each car SKU is either the base model or it’s a variant
If it’s a variant, then the column called “Template” is linked to the car that is the base model
I’d like to have a column called “Similar Variants” that shows a list of the other car SKUs that are really similar.

For example:

[Name]                     [Template]              [Similar Variants]
TeslaModelX                                         [TeslaModelX, TeslaModelXSport, TeslaModelXLuxury]
TeslaModelXSport   TeslaModelX        [TeslaModelX, TeslaModelXSport, TeslaModelXLuxury]
TeslaModelXLuxury TeslaModelX        [TeslaModelX, TeslaModelXSport, TeslaModelXLuxury]

Question: I don’t know the formula to populate the Similar Variants column. Any ideas??

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