Rollup field as continuous counter of referrals

Hey there,

so I have the issue that I have users in one table (I) and referrers in another (II). Now I want to the referrer`s count (table II) of referrals to increase every time a user enters his refer-ID (Table I).

From what I gather this should work through linking refer-ID in Table I to table II through “Link to another record” but it deletes all of the records existing in it so far instead.

Is there no way to simply count in one table how often a respective ID from another table shows up?

Thanks a lot for your help

What do you mean it deletes all the records? Deleting is something that would need to be manually done by you — Airtable doesn’t delete records on its own, unless you’ve written a script or created an external automation to delete records.

To get what you want, you would first link your records through a linked record field, and then you would create a rollup field which sums up your linked record field.

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