Rollup filtered by record


Hi there,

Is it possible to do a rollup field where you only add the values based on a certain criteria?

Please see the graphic below which I think illustrates what I’m trying to achieve vs. what I’m currently getting with a SUM(values) rollup field.

I think I have to try and write a conditional rollup. I tried this: IF({Player} = {Player}, SUM(values), 0) but with no luck (probably obviously). In plain English the formula I am trying to write is - if the player is David, show David’s career points total.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please ignore this.

It works with the simple SUM(values) rollup - I just hadn’t linked the records correctly.


Heh… I was working on a solution for you and figured you just did not have your links done correctly.

Here’s the example base I made for reference, but I’m glad you figured it out:


Cheers Jeremy - yeah you nailed it. Me not so much. Thanks for your help.