Rollup linked records into a numbered list

I’m trying to use a Rollup to create a numbered list of linked records that reflects the order in which they’re linked within a field. I’ve tried a couple different array options but can’t crack the numbering part.

I can’t think of way to do this without a script I’m afraid

Let me know if that’s something you want to explore. If you’re on a Pro plan, we can make a script run off on automation (e.g. when you link a record the script will run and create said numbered list of linked records)

If you’re not on a Pro plan, you’d have to click a button to run the script to create the list


I had task with a close goal. In short, I hoped to apply a markdown syntax, but finally did it in following way:
depending on a number of your items, you can mix those methods

and this:


from that article

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