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I have a database of students in Uganda and I am building a separate table to help the administration track student temperatures (government requirement for school re-opening). The table is simple and the nurse will use a basic form (Select student name, enter date/time, enter temp).

In the Student table, I’d like to add a field that shows the most recent temperature taken and the date. The Rollup field works well for the date using the MAX(values) aggregation formula, but I can’t figure out how to show the most recent temperature (as opposed to the max or min).

Any suggestions on how to show the most recent number added within a set of values? I’ve seen a few other posts on this, but I couldn’t find a clarification.

I realize the “Most Recent Temp” field in my screenshot is a text field. I’ve placed that there for illustrative purposes only until I can figure this out.


  1. Add a Rollup field to the [Log] table using an aggregation formula pointing at the {Last Date/Time Temp Taken} field like this: IF({Date} = CONCATENATE(values), TRUE())
  2. This will give you a field with a value of 1 only if that logged temperature is the latest one linked to that student.
  3. Then add a Lookup field to the table you’ve screenshotted to have “Only include linked records from the Log table that meet certain conditions” toggled on. Set the conditions to where the Rollup field isn’t empty.

Thanks Kamille. That worked great!

I had to create a “Date Created” field in my “LOG” then use that new field in the IF statement "IF({Date Created} = CONCATENATE(values), TRUE())


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