Rollup of figures question

Hi I am trying to create a breakdown of expenses using rollups but the result is not quite what I want. Can anyone offer a solution please?

Screenshot of what I have so far

Found the answer - use lookup not roll up

A rollup field could possibly give you the same results. It looks like the main difference is the field formatting. Remember that most fields have formatting options, which can be seen by selecting the “Formatting” tab when editing the field settings.

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 11.27.53 AM

If you’re only looking at a single linked record and not aggregating values from multiple linked records, then a lookup might be a better option, but it’s still going to have the same formatting choices as a rollup field. The only possible issue there is that a lookup field creates an array of values (even for a single linked record), so using that elsewhere can be tricky.

Just food for thought on this Thanksgiving Day. :turkey:

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