Rollup SUM(Values) is producing NaN

I have checked the table field for the rollup. All cells contain a number. Any idea what went wrong?!

This is the table field that is used to rollup SUM(Values)

This is the table where the rollup SUM(Values) occur

That is odd. In your first table that you posted, what are your exact formulas for those 3 formula fields?

Strange right? It computes all the other rollups just fine except for this one record.

Here are the formulas:

Hours Worked: (DATETIME_DIFF({Paid Time-out},{Paid Time-in},‘minutes’)/60)-{Break (in hours)}
Total R Hours: {Hours Worked}-{Total OT Hours}
Earnings: {Total Regular Pay}+{Total OT Pay}

Yes, very strange that it’s only affecting that one record. I don’t know if I have any answers for you! You might need to email and ask them to look at your base.

In the meantime, I’m assuming that “Paid Time-out“ and “Paid Time-in” are Date/Time fields. What types of fields are “Break (in hours)”, “Hours Worked”, “Total OT Hours”, “Total Regular Pay”, and “Total OT Pay”?

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