Rollup using a group of results from linked table

Hi guys, I am having trouble with an ROLLUP function hoping for some help.

See LOOM video attached

How on earth can I ROLLUP using a GROUP of results from a list.

Essentially this is my workflow plan.

APP: to create a Nutritional Label from data sources in the airtable data.


  1. Create new recipe

  2. Assign (link) ingredients to the recipe based on linked fields.

  3. Group the ingredeients linked to that recipe.

  4. Use formulas to create nutiriontal values based on the values from the linked ingredients.

Where I am getting stuck is grabbing the values from a group of ingredients, especially in a ROLLUP.

Hi Simon,

Try loosing the condition. I tested a similar but much simpler base without the condition and used ARRAYJOIN(values) in the aggregation formula, it worked perfectly well.

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