Rollup with FIND function always returns zero (0)

I don’t know if what i’m attempting is supported in rollup fields. I have a rollup field, Level, which uses my table’s linked field, Academic year, to pull in a field called, Students from my Academic year table:

I’ve attempted a variety of formulas in the rollup using the FIND function, all of them return 0.

Here’s some examples:

FIND(ARRAYJOIN(values), "John Doe")

FIND(ARRAYJOIN(values) & "", "John Doe")


Is it possible for me to get a result that isn’t 0? Or is the FIND function not supported in rollup fields? (I should add that I’m not really searching the name “John Doe”, but rather searching names that are present in the referenced field.) Thanks for any help.

Your parameters for FIND are flip-flopped. The first parameter should be the string to find, and the second parameter is the string to search.

FIND("John Doe", ARRAYJOIN(values))

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You’re an amazing Airtabler, @kuovonne. You came to my rescue again—bless you!

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