Rollups - counting the number of entries

Hey all,

I have a rollup field, separated by commas, yes, but what I need is a count of said field, so that I can have the actual number of items represented by said rollup.

A simple COUNT won’t work as the field is a rollup. I’ve tried formulas with arrays, etc. COUNTALL(ARRAYUNIQUE({Kaltura PlaylistIds - done})) for example, but to no avail. It’s weird, it was working one day, and now it just reports 1 for everything.


Hi @Sean_Lake1 ,

you need to have another Rollup field and choose COUNTA(values)

only problem is, the field that needs counting is a rollup, so it’s not available for selection :frowning:

Hi @Sean_Lake1 ,

I think I understand that. What I mean is duplicate this field and instead of ArrayJoin (or whatever Array function you are using) use the COUNTA function :slight_smile:

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